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Yoga Mat Findclicker
Yoga Mat Findclicker
Yoga Mat Findclicker

Yoga Mat Findclicker

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, it is essential to have good equipment so that your sessions go as smoothly as possible.

Having autonomy in how you practice yoga adds a huge benefit to the mental, physical, and emotional benefits one gets from practicing yoga.

We think one of the best ways to feel invested in your yoga practice is to invest in a yoga mat, the modern symbol of yoga.

Our Yoga mat has very good cushioning to practice your Yoga postures and is incomparably light.

Indeed, its aerated foam allows it to be one of the lightest mats. Another advantage: this mat is recyclable and degradable because the material used for its manufacture is more environmentally friendly than the standard yoga mats very often manufactured. from PVC.

In short, when the carpet is laid down, it's the moment when you cut yourself off from the world.

Its strong points:

An anti-slip coating:

It prevents you from slipping or the rug skidding on your floor.

This mat allows you to always stay in balance, it provides better stability during the balance posture while standing, ideal for practicing yoga.

It ensures good comfort in your postures on the ground while protecting your joints.

During your sessions, the thickness of our formidable mat can act as a thermal insulator which refers to a material that blocks heat or cold depending on your floors.

Dimensions: 173cm*61cm

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