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Shopping bag Findclicker

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Say goodbye to endless plastic bags that end up becoming environmental hazards. Stop trying to remember the half dozen "green" shopping bags you'll need on your trip to the supermarket. It's time to join the revolution - rolling bags are the new way to shop. Four different sized bags allow you to easily sort your groceries and pack them at the same time.

  • Makes your life much easier: payment becomes child's play, now that everything is already organized for you. And getting from your car to your pantry becomes easier than ever.
  • Built for durability: made of the highest quality materials. Double stitched and high quality materials. Avoid all cheap imitations and low-end copies. Designed to be used for many years. Machine washable.
  • Get Rid of Plastic Food Bags: A set of eco-friendly reusable shopping cart bags provides instant organization, as soon as you place them in your shopping cart. Four bags are all you need to store all your grocery purchases!
  • Compact storage: When you're done shopping and ready to relax, simply roll up the bags, then all four fit into a neat package with velcro closure, which can be stored in the car or hung on the cart for your next grocery run.


  • Maximum loading: 60K.
  • Material: non-woven.
  • Size: Red: 46cm x 21cm x 45cm.
    Blue: 40cm x 20cm x 41cm.
    Green: 49cm x 25cm x 48cm.
    Orange: 56cm x 29cm x 51cm.

The package includes:

  • 1 x red shopping bag.
  • 1 x blue shopping bag.
  • 1 x green shopping bag.
  • 1 x orange shopping bag Findclicker sent DELIVERY

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