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Sushi Roll Findclicker

Sushi Roll Findclicker

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Amaze your friends and family during your dinners by serving Sushi home made . Easy to use, you can use the Sushi roll with your children for a friendly family moment .

Eating Sushi will no longer be a luxury

Sushi is expensive! Very expensive ! And yet what is it?

Rice, salmon and vinegar..

Both Sushis are generally sold for €4.50 in Japanese restaurants. With €4.50 and the Sushi roll, you will be able to make not 2 Sushis, but around 20 Sushis!

You will be able to eat Sushi without feeling guilty and make it a weekly habit, and even a ritual.

Vary the pleasures

Get out of the ordinary by creating your Sushi with your favorite ingredients.

Easy to maintain : in addition to being made with durable materials (BPA and paraben free), the components of the Sushi roll are designed to be dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning.

Making Sushi will no longer seem difficult

Invite your friends to a party and everyone will want to try the Sushi roll!

It can also be used as a fun family activity . Children will love making Sushi with the Sushi roll.

Use for all rolled foods, not just Sushi.

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