Discreet Storage Box Findclicker
Discreet Storage Box Findclicker
Discreet Storage Box Findclicker
Discreet Storage Box Findclicker

Discreet Storage Box Findclicker

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For more storage or discreet storage, here is the discreet storage box

  • For very high value items, there is a very good method, 99% of people don't know this method:


  • Material : ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable.
  • Elastic design: design invisible, push-pull, can be installed under the table
  • Big capacity : can store a variety of items - pens, rulers, compasses, scissors, cell phones and other items.
  • Non-marking: glue non-marking firm and stable, which can be pasted repeatedly and change the position
  • Versatile : Multi-scenario application, can be used in kitchen, office, etc.

    Use in the living room; Use for cooking; Office use.

Specification :

  • Name: Discreet Drawer
  • Material: ABS
  • Color : blue, pink, gray, white
  • Package Included:
    1x storage box invisible  
  • Size:
    small: 22x9.3x3.5cm(Weight: 200g)
    Large: 22x14x3.5cm(Weight: 250g)
    Largest: 23.5x20x7.1cm(Weight: 500g)
    Can support weight approximately 2 kg

  • The installation is very simple:

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