Electric Duster Findclicker

Electric Duster Findclicker

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To dust without forcing, here is the electric duster which will make the task easier for you

The most effective way to dust your home

The electric duster that removes dust in half the time and without considerable effort

Attracts and traps dust:

It is equipped with special electrostatically charged soft bristles, which attract and retain dust. Removable dust heads hold dust in the bristles until you wash them

Adapts to any shape:

The ultra-soft bristles adapt to the shape of your furniture and decor.

Washable duster:

The duster has removable dust heads that are washable. Simply remove the dust head, rinse under water, then air dry. 

About product:
  • The easy solution to the impossible and back-breaking task of dusting without using a duster or dust cleaner.
  • Unlike a thick microfiber cloth, the super soft bristles conform to all furniture shapes and gently remove dust - use it as a desk cloth, fan blade cleaner or shutter duster.
  • Washable - when you are finished dusting, rinse the dust head, then allow to air dry.
  • 4 AA batteries required

    The Pack includes:
    • 1 electric handle (9 inches)
    • 2 duster heads(Large 10.6 inch;Small 7.8 inch)
    • Free extension rod 2 (8.2 inches)

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