Anti-Bacterial Key
Anti-Bacterial Key

Anti-Bacterial Key

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No need to touch the keyboard anymore, to enter your code at the checkout, at the gas station or touch a door handle to open it!!!!!!

Here is the brass key that will prevent you from catching germs in any everyday situation.

Do you know the antibacterial properties of brass?

Many may not know this, but brass has powerful antibacterial properties.

Already in ancient Egypt, it was known and used for its astonishing natural antiseptic properties.

Today, brass and its cousin copper could well represent an excellent antibacterial solution for public health.

There was a time when this metal was widely used in the manufacture of door handles. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but above all for its strong antibacterial properties.

Please note that brass constitutes a barrier that is both natural and effective against the spread of bacteria. Recent studies have also demonstrated that this alloy is capable of harming the most resistant bacteria, such as the dreaded Staphylococcus aureus for example.

Public transport managers (trains, TER, buses, etc.) have also opted for this solution in order to guarantee health security for passengers that is both simple and effective.

Ramps, door handles, but also buttons and switches, the possibilities offered by brass are endless!

Public Health strongly encourages professionals and individuals to opt for brass equipment.

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