Conservation Tray Findclicker
Conservation Tray Findclicker
Conservation Tray Findclicker
Conservation Tray Findclicker
Conservation Tray Findclicker
Conservation Tray Findclicker

Conservation Tray Findclicker

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It's an easy way to keep your food fresh longer and saves you from wasting money on plastic wrap and foil. This ingenious food storage tray is safe, durable and less costly for the environment and your pocket. The secret is the durable film lid that pushes air out of the tray, keeping its contents fresher for longer. Simply place your food in the bottom, cover and clip. It removes air, instantly sealing your food. It's perfect for any type of food: seafood, raw meat, cheese, fish, fruit and more, and it's stackable, which will save you space in the refrigerator.


This stretchy silicone lid is uniquely ultra-strong, it can wrap and seal large and oddly shaped items like half an avocado, but flexible enough not to crush or flatten soft foods like salmon or hard-boiled eggs. Plus, the airtight seal means fruits and vegetables won't spoil or brown. This means it gives you all the transparent, flexible qualities of plastic film and the stiffness of tin foil, but it's super strong and totally reusable, meaning less waste, less cost of purchasing plastic. packaging you'll throw away, and less hassle and time trying to work with flimsy, hard-to-control, torn pieces of film and aluminum.


With a clear lid that allows you to instantly see what's stored, this tray is the perfect way to keep foods, like leftovers, fruit, meat and vegetables in perfect fresh condition. But it's much more than just a way to store food in your refrigerator. The clever design means it works as both a way to store food and a way to serve it. Prepare your starters in advance and serve them directly on the platter! It's perfect for picnics, birthdays, celebrations and even camping. Preservative qualities mean your food is fresh and ready to eat wherever you want. 20200901_091839_000


It is designed to be stacked, without damaging the contents, so you can have multiple trays, easy to see and access, taking up a fraction of the valuable refrigerator space that individually wrapped foods on plates would use. It's also ideal for freezing, use the tray to store food in the freezer, then defrost it in the microwave - and why not wash it, stacked like a plate, in the dishwasher? It will save you space in the refrigerator and freezer; time spent wrapping and stacking food; expenses on film and foil that you use once and throw away; and, of course, it saves your food from spoiling and causing unnecessary waste! That's why it's a smart tray!



Its compact size makes it perfect for the refrigerator, cabinets and other small spaces
High quality reusable material
Buckle design easily seals food

The airtight seal keeps your food fresh and prevents browning.

Keeps longer for more freshness
doubles as a serving platter.
Made from odor-resistant, stain-resistant and BPA-free elastic film.
100% waterproof.
Stack on top of each other for optimal pantry or refrigerator organization.

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Preservation layer material: Advanced elastic film
Tray material: environmental protection PP
Color: Red and white
Weight: 200 g per tray

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